Being active will reward you with breathtaking views

Dolomites Val Gardena dons its most beautiful outfit during summer. Hikers will be convinced of this themselves when they see summer meadows and mountain summits dipped in sunshine. You have to understand that putting a number to the paths in Dolomites Val Gardena is simply impossible: you see, new paths are always popping up and everyone opens up to a new view as soon as you change your perspective. Regardless of your choice, be it a pleasant stroll featuring leisurely lift rides or demanding climbs, every hiker will find a variety of tours that warm the cockles of their heart. 

Val Gardena Active Summer

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The Apartments Villa Elvis is member of Val Gardena Active! For all our guests the participation at the weekly programme is free of charge.
Lovers of sports, culture and good cuisine will enjoy the programme offered by Val Gardena Active.

  • guided walks
  • guided mountain bike tours
  • climbing courses
  • sunrise hikes
  • Yoga
  • and much more

Val Gardena Active


UNESCO World Heritage Site

The beauty of the Dolomites is the stuff of legend. The uniqueness and importance of this special region was recognised by UNESCO on 26 June 2009: the institution declared the area covering over 142,000 hectares a World Heritage Site.

The Dolomites were thus granted special protection status. UNESCO exclusively recognises regions as World Heritage Sites that are of great significance to humanity. The geological and geomorphological aspects of the Dolomites led to interesting discoveries about the history of the region and the whole planet. 


Rich in traditions and customs

Val Gardena, the heartland of the Ladin culture, is about thirteen miles long and runs more or less from west to east from the narrow entrance to the valley at Ponte Gardena to Selva at the end of the valley and up to Passo Gardena and Passo Sella. The lowest point is located at 470 m above sea-level, while the highest is Sassolungo (3,181 m).

When the people of Val Gardena are among themselves, they mainly speak Ladin. The origins of the language go back to the Roman Empire, when the legions marched into Rhaetia. The Latin of the conquerors was mixed with the language of the native Rhaetians. During more than four centuries of Roman rule, this Rhaetian language spread from the Swiss Alps to the Adriatic.